About Token Freedom

The Freedom Token is created as an internal payment method of the Worldunity portal!

All products and services will be paid only with the Token, no other payments will be implemented other to the Freedom Token.

All users of the Worldunity portal will be paid for their actions within the portal actions such as publishing posts, articles, writing blogs and much more.


Main features of the portal

Create a Decentralized Social Network

The developer community will absolutely decide all aspects of the portal.

Solve the problems of the Censorship

Big social networks censor people sometimes for no particular reason, we don't censor anyone,people are free to express their creativity.

Users' personal data

We do not collect any data from users, they are free to register with any name, only the e-mails must be correct in order to activate their profile.


Why choose Freedom Token?

We believe in a better world, which will help you Earn the necessary Money to live a decent life without being a slave to the big multinationals.

Secured User Data

Only the users are responsible for their data, we do not control in any aspect the data provided by them, they can also be recorded ANONYMOUS.

Freedom of the community

People are Not Censored for any reason but I have to be careful with Intellectual Property contents because if not the right to distribute a content they can have problems with law.

Big Data Insights

As we have already mentioned we do not analyze and store user data, instead if they want to download their profile data they can do it in their administration panel.

More in-depth information about the project

The worldunity points system!

All active users who use our platform will be paid according to their actions within the portal in the following way.

  • Create and publish posts, all people who post articles on the portal will be compensated with Token-Freedom.
  • Write blogs, the people who like them write blogs can do it in our portal by earning twice, once by promoting their services and products and the second time they will be paid with our Token-Freedom.

Create pages!

In the portal you can create highly professional pages customized according to your needs, there are no limits of users who can follow your page.

Create groups!

Groups are a very professional form of marketing in a highly professional and intelligent way, again there are no limits of people who can be part of your group.

Group chat!

The group chat is the perfect marketing tool to converse directly and in person with your customers, collaborators, friends or family.


Let's see what solution we bring to solve the continuouscensorship of the big Social Networks.

Decentralized platform:

We work hard to bring a decentralized platform and at the same time a form of earning for everyone without investing anything.


Decentralized systems are safe because it is not the large corporations that decide the future of the platform itself,but the users themselves decide every aspect.

Decentralize Payment Systems

The payment system in the portal will be exclusively with theFreedom Token,no cetralized payment system will be implemented.

The portal:

The worldunity portal is created by the community for the community,each person is free to participate in improving and bringing new functions,for this they will be paid with Token-Freedom,all the code is in the github repositoriesVisit github repositories

Freedom Tokens

Sales Information

Token nameFreedom
Token symbolFre
Total Token Supply21,000,000 Millions
Tokens Allocated for ICO3,000,000 Million
Public Sale Starts1 Sep 2021 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends15 Sep 2021 12:00 GMT
Initial Ico Price$0.01
Token Value1 BUSD=100 Freedom{Fre}Token
(Of the bought value)

Token Sale Stage End In

Raised so far $5k
Soft Cap $30k
Hard Cap $50k
Minimum Purchase: 500 Token = 5$ Check Contract    bsc

ICOX Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.


Read the Whitepaper

To learn more about the project,we invite you to take a look at the Whitepaper,click the button below to read everything.

logo freedom
User Dashboard

Introducing Complete Dashboard

The portal panel is very simple and similar to facebook so you have no difficulty in using it.

  • Publish your memories.
  • Write highly professional blogs.
  • Make new friends.
  • EarningToken Freedomusing the platform.
  • Create group chats and interact with your friends.
  • Create Professional Pages and Groups.
The roadmap to success.

Our major short,medium and long term goals!

View the roadmap to see everything this project has to offer in the future!

All dates are approximate, changes can be implemented much earlier!

September 2021Launch of the ICO!

15%of the 21 million of Token Freedom's total rate is available for the initial offer.

The affiliate system!

We launch the affiliation system on August 7, also in this case we unlock 10% of the total Token Freedom.

October-December 2021 Affiliate Payments!

In this period they work to make available the withdrawal of commissions for the affiliate program automatically through Metamask and other wallets.

january-APRIL 2022 We launch Swap and the Blockchain

We launch our Swap to increase our users' chances of earning money,will be complete with farming stake and all the functions of advanced swaps.

We will also create our own Blockchain to eliminate transaction costs so the costs in the Freedom swap will be almost non-existent.

Continuing with the project map!

APRIL-June 2022Points Program

We launch the Points program,all users who post or write blogs will be paid with Token Freedom,the more you write high quality blogs the more money you earn.

JUNE-August 2022Internal Advanced Market!

We also have a functioning multi-user market to be able to sell your products and services,similar to amazon or ebay,certainly also here as in all the services implemented in the portal you will only need a payment method with the Token-Fredoom.

2022Coming Soon!

All the improvements we mentioned above can be implemented even before the date mentioned.

Any functions added without being named in the project path will be placed here.


Core Team

Deen Doughouz
Full stack programmer.

Deen Doughouz

Full stack programmer

I am a Full Stack programmer with more than 10 years of experience,and I have created multiple scripts and projects..

Oğuzcan Gündüz
Adobe PS,Expert.

Oğuzcan Gündüz

Adobe PS,Expert.

Hello I am a photoshop expert with an experience of more than six years,in all this time I have created various projects for both myself and my clients,I like this technology because it offers you an infinite number of possibilities,your imagination is the limit..